Welcome to Craigie Primary

Welcome to Craigie Primary School website. We hope you find the information on our website useful.

Craigie Primary was founded in 1884 and has undergone many changes and refurbishment since first opening. Craigie Primary is in the heart of the City of Perth and serves the Craigie area. Currently, we have eight primary classes and an ELCC (Early Learning and Childcare). Our school roll has increased over the last year and is predicted to continue to increase over the next few years, as new housing continues to be built within our catchment area. Craigie Primary is an important part of the local community and we endeavour to work closely with associated schools, businesses and the wider community.

We strive for all our learners to achieve their full potential by providing high quality, well-resourced learning and teaching. We work together, towards excellence, creating a safe, secure and active environment, where each child feels happy, confident and valued as an individual.